Farm Fire Safety

We are passionate about keeping our farming practices sustainable and safe for both our staff on the ground and the broader community. Harvester fires are a risk which must be managed in order to best ensure the safety of those in the paddock and surrounding areas. At Anna Binna, we comply with the CFS Grain Harvesting Code of Practice and use several location specific weather stations to track the GFDI (Grass Fire Danger Index) across the Peninsula to ensure the safety of our operation and risk mitigation. 

Further, we have several fully operational farm fire-fighting units which we leave in paddocks while harvesting operations and grain handling occur. Like many farm fire-fighting units, these are also deployed to other local fires when an incident occurs.

“The Beast” – our RFW 6×6, 12000L capacity farm fire unit

Grass fire danger index (GFDI)

This table shows how the GFDI is calculated, taking into account temperature, relative humidity and wind speed to ensure that conditions in the paddock are suitable for harvesting while mitigating the risk of harvester fires. If the GFDI reaches or exceeds 35 we immediately suspend harvest operations until such time as it drops to a safe level. 

GRDC interview ‘Reducing the risk of harvester fires’