Sustainable Agriculture



We run a low disturbance seeding system which enables us to retain all crop residues which maximises our water use efficiency and protects the soil from wind and water erosion. We aim to inter row sow where possible.

During sowing, the seeder runs 24 hours a day and we only shut it down either for a service or if it rains. We have four semi-tippers with seed and super units and a truck supplying the boom spray with water. It’s simple and efficient, and we can sow our entire program in four weeks.

All of the seed for cereals is professionally cleaned and all of our legume seed is cleaned over a gravity-table.

Seeding commences annually on 15 April.

As part of our weed control program, we have fitted our Hardi Saritor with a 48 metre (165ft) boom and a 5800 litre tank. We fill this unit in the paddock with a water truck and use a totally sealed system to load all chemical into the sprayer to ensure the safety of our staff. The truck is fitted with a tail gate loader so we can load at ground level. This gives us a massive work rate – covering over 1200 acres per day.

We have a significant focus on fence line and roadside weed control to keep the cropping paddocks as weed free as possible.


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