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When harvesting, our approach is to get stuck in and get it done. We have a short harvesting period and we manage it well.

By windrowing barley it ripens earlier which enables us to commence harvest up to two weeks earlier. The windrowing process also reduces the potential risk of losses in the wind and we can operate the harvesters for longer hours without moisture problems. We aim to reap our barley in 10-14 days so we can move on to our lentil harvesting program.

Lentils are very fragile and must be harvested as soon as they are ripe. As they are used for the human consumption market, high levels of quality are vital.

After harvesting the lentils we tackle the wheat harvesting, and we aim to produce high protein bread wheat.

We operate two New Holland 9090 headers fitted with Macdon FD75 fronts, two Cestari chaser bins along with four mother bins keep the grain away from the headers. Two fire trucks are on hand and we run two Western Star B-double outfits and we have up to five B-doubles assisting from local carrier, Maitland Freight. Most of our grain goes in to the export market so we aim to truck it direct to Port Giles about 80 kilometres away.

Check out our 2017 Harvest video


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