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Our Operation

Our Operation

Continuous cropping is run over nine properties in a 60km radius on Central Yorke Peninsula. The properties are located from the east side of the Yorke Peninsula at Ardrossan to Maitland in the centre and through to Port Victoria on the west side of the peninsula. The cropping program consists of 40% wheat, 30% barley, 20% legumes and 10% canola and oaten hay.

Our focus is on growing malt barley, bread wheat and lentils for the human consumption market. These crops require more intricate management and involve higher levels of risk but we believe it’s our duty as farmers to help give the world more food.

Property Management Plans

The first thing we do with any new property is work with the landowner to draft a property management plan. This can involve the following:

  • Studying the layout of the property to make it more efficient to manage and farm
  • Removal of stone heaps, unserviceable fencing and infrastructure
  • Construction of new access gates
  • Adding new water tanks


We were one of the early adopters of combining GPS guidance with a reduced tillage system. Since adopting this approach in 1999 we have seen huge improvements in soil health and fertility. This practice has revolutionised farming, particularly in the lower rainfall area of Yorke Peninsula.

All of our machinery have Trimble guidance systems and we use Yield Mapping during harvest so we can use real-time data to further improve areas that are under performing. The Trimble guidance systems dramatically reduce operator fatigue and are an essential component within our sustainable production system.

Our paddock maps and records are updated in the field with the use of iPads.

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