It is that time of year again & it rolls around pretty quickly. It’s been a busy few months with plenty going on in the paddocks. With no summer rainfall our summer spraying program hasn’t been significant. We ran the Reefinator in February again this year. It is very satisfying work busting up limestone reefs & the results look great. This year we went a bit deeper in a few paddocks after the first pass last year & we did some new country as well. During march we spread a lot of gypsum for sulphur & for soil conditioning in some heavy red soils. Recently we have been spreading some snail bait on some coastal country. We’ve only had about 5 mm of rain for the year, making it the driest year I can remember. We will start dry seeding next week & will be looking for a break in the season in the next month. With many areas in Australia experiencing catastrophic drought conditions lets hope the winter rain comes soon. In the meantime we all must continue to support & keep a look out for our family, friends & neighbours. 


Finally it rained!

After a record breaking dry spell we were fortunate to receive some rain over the last few weeks. We have received around 25 to 35 mm from two rainfall events which has been amazing. No more dry sowing & it’s great to see the crop emerging. Our seeding program has been progressing well with all of our coastal country in & we should finish in a few weeks. We have shut down the seeder today to give everyone some well earned time off to celebrate Mother’s Day with their families.

Thankfully, many areas throughout the state have now received rain. Whilst this may be enough to germinate the crop, follow up rain will be required as the subsoil is completely dry. The winter weather pattern seems to developing & we look froward to calm conditions with more rain on the horizon.

Have a great Mother’s Day & safe seeding. 👍 🇦🇺


Jobs done !!

We finished seeding late last week & have been enjoying some cool showery weather this week. Maitland has now received 55 mm in May with Port Victoria & Ardrossan at just over now up to 40 mm. This will be enough moisture to get all of the crop up & growing. Certainly a welcome relief from where we were a month ago.

We have started spreading our early sown barley crops with urea & will begin some applications of herbicide next week to take some weeds out of the lentils.

It’s taken five weeks of 24 hour operations to get the crop in. Thanks to our staff members for their huge commitment in getting the job done 👍🏻 🇦🇺

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