Sustainable Agriculture



We have a fantastic team of loyal and enthusiastic staff, consisting of five full-time staff, three casuals and a part-time bookkeeper. Three of our team have been with us for over 10 years, bringing vast experience and knowledge.

Sam Holmes is employed as our independent agronomist and he oversees the cropping program.

Management Team

Despite being a family-owned business we adopt a corporate structure and have a comprehensive management team in place which assists with high-level operational matters. The owners of Anna Binna are part of the Management Team along with:

  • Chris Heinjus from Rural Directions has worked with Anna Binna for many years. Rural Directions work with us at a strategic level providing consulting advice and they also assist with the sales and marketing of our products.
  • John Crouch from Brentnalls-SA has been our financial and business adviser for many years and provides invaluable assistance on strategy and business operations.